Well, what do you know! She dug another hole!


16 Jan 07
Cleaned up gallery: Took away a chunk of old art, put in a few others.
Updated doujin list for 2007.
Perhaps will put up some doujin work from Dec 06.. but I'm so tired right now. I don't wanna look at doujin for a while.

10 Oct 06
Additions in art gallery.
Updated profile.

09 Feb 06
Guess what someone's doing instead of going out celebrating birthdays. :D;
New (resurrected) oekaki board.
Additions in art gallery.
Updated doujin info.
Updated profile info.

15 May 05
ART gallery up..
Server doesn't like me at all. *whine*
Majority of the art are old works which I'll probably take away to make space in the not-so-far future..

14 May 05
One (partially completed) website in under two hours.
All galleries empty atm.